Mission designing is one of the hardest parts of creating a successful group. Missions have to be detailed and well thought out to keep the interest of those you fly with. So, we have to put together some resources that may make your missions designing experience a little easier. Enjoy!

Persian Gulf Template – Through the use of templates created by other users, satelite imagery from Google, and documentation located online, the following was brought to you for your use. This map contains static aircraft with accurate location and type and each airfield, power plants, trains, oil rigs, surface to air defenses, and ground units. It also has the CVN-74 John C. Stennis carrier group in the water and ready for you to populate. 

Be advised, all units and objects are active. So, simply running the map as is may very well cause some moderate to significant lag. I recommend setting objects or units that won’t be seen or encountered on “late activation”. Without, a trigger to activate them, the will simply not load and save resources without having to be completely removed from the mission design. I hope you enjoy this map!

Persian Gulf Template

Alerax’s LSO Script – This is the script we use on the VCW13 server for carrier operations. It is a very powerful script. It, provides a great simulation of carrier operations with carrier and whether information including BRC and TACAN frequency. You are given marshalling instructions including altitude separation as well as single and multi ship approaches. It also provides you with a final report of your entire approach and much more! 

Realistic Ground Templates – These are prebuilt ground unit templates that make it very easy to deploy anything from SAM sites or armored divisions with their support vehicles and troops included. A pdf is included which gives you a visual representation of the template construction. 

NOTE: Credit of these templates goes to Stuka. These were NOT created by VCW6 members. 

Disclaimer: Virtual Carrier Wing 13 is in no way affiliated with the United States Government or its armed forces