OvGME – This is a great tool for managing mods, addons, and liveries within DCS World. You can easily enable and disable 3rd party additions to DCS with a click of a button while maintaining a backup of the original files. 

RSMapper – A fantastic key mapping software that is lightweight and extremely effective. Especially, if you’re one who is limited on buttons. It has many features such as:

– key mapping on button single press
– Repeated single press
– Long press – RS Mapper will mimic A-10C long hotas press (that is: after 1s of holding the button it will fire single keyboard stroke)
– Continuous press – RS mapper will mimic long keyboard press as long as you have the device button pressed
– Key mapping on release – RS mapper will trigger keyboard stroke when you release button.
– Profiles: you can save all required mapping in one place.
– Profile change on button press: you direct RS mapper to change key mappings after pressing (or while holding) the device button.
– Sequences: you are now able to define a set of key presses to be played in specified order

A full review of the software can be found here: Here!

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